A proper encrypted email service created by the ex-developers of Lavaboom. Open source, secure and seamless. While others implement walled gardens, we open your borders. Subscribe to our mailing list to stay updated:

Privacy is our mission

We pledge to protect your data

Even if we were forced to share information with authorities, it would be all encrypted and noone would be able to backdoor your client.

True end-to-end encryption

On par with expert software

Emails sent from Oakmail are encrypted if a key for the email is discovered. We implement recently introduced OpenPGP proposals and use modern algorithms.

Encrypted incoming emails

You can also deploy an encrypting proxy

Every email that enters the platform is automatically encrypted using modern standards and optimized for mobile access.


We don't limit you like the competition.

While others break the principles of decentralized services or simply don't support the OpenPGP standard, this is our core functionality. You can migrate away from us whenever you want.

True anonymity with Tor support

No verification required

If you do not wish to verify your account, you can get a randomized email for truly anonymous usage. We do not care how you use our platform, as long as you don't abuse it.

Fully opensource

The most open solution on the market.

Both the clients and server are publicly available on GitHub under the AGPLv3 license. If you want, you can compile the client from the source and run it locally.

Seamless and performant

Our app handles all the encryption in the background.

You won't notice where and when the magic happens. Our solution is friendly to both casual and power users, who will be able to use their desired security model.

Modelled after the best

All the UX you know and love.

Migrating from Gmail to our platform will be easy and your everyday usage of the email will not differ all that much. We take the good and tried concept of threaded email conversations and improve upon that.

Secure your business

You can also deploy Oakmail in your network.

We will offer on-premises installation of the service, paid support and hosted editions of the service to match your security needs.